What can I say.  The doctor’s don’t know how to treat this DIS-EASE!!!  You may think why did she spell it that way?  I do that so that I know exactly what it is and so that I won’t claim it as an ailment.  I am not at ease meaning that I am getting madder and madder everyday at the health systems disregard for me.  Wishing that they find a cure is no longer at the top of my list.  Getting healthy is.  I have changed my outlook on handling this dis-ease.  I look at it as a way of motivating myself to beat it and educate others like me along the way.  I frown at the medical doctors who see any possible holistic treatment as a fluke because it has not been approved by the FDA.  Marshall Protocol has been proven and their are people like me who will testify to that.  My doctors, on the other hand, fail to look at alternative medicines and continue to prescribe medicines that they know will harm me more.  The side effects from the prednisone alone has caused me more harm than the disease itself.  Sarcoidosis is a dis-ease that affects individuals differently.  To categorize me with someone who has been affected in just their lungs is to do me a disservice.  It has affected my entire body and I can say that it has not beaten me yet.  Others before me, like me, have lost their battle to Sarcoidosis because the physician’s do not treat their symptoms as an individual case.  If the medical profession would forget about the money and remember their purpose for healing, then more and more people will beat this disease.
Recently, after being rushed to the ER by ambulance, I was told by the doctor that there is nothing else that they can do for me but to make me comfortable.  Wow!  Well when the bill comes for their services, I will comfortably put it in the back of the drawer.  LOL!!!!
That’s all for now.  TTYL

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